” Johnny Prapas and his entirely hand made electric guitars. Johnny and the great Olympus Custom Guitars are located in Leptokarya Pierias, Greece and they are a huge proof that people’s dreams and willings are unbeatable. “


Olympus Custom Guitars( OCG), are handmade in Greece, using 100% unique, local woods from the foothills of the awe-inspiring Mt. Olympus, hence the name.
We aim to achieve quality instruments of the highest caliber with the utmost care given to their creation and the customer’s needs. Coupled with the best handmade Greek pickups (Nick Silver pickups), they will send musicians to unforeseen heights – in the close company of the 12 ancient Greek gods!
We offer two main lines of guitars – Custom build or Master build to suit all tastes and expenditures.
OCG provide both professional and amateur musicians alike with a unique experience and a distinctive guitar manufactured with exceptional care and dedication. These exclusive handmade instruments use only the finest Greek wood from the home of the 12 Gods.
Officially involved in the research and development of electric musical instruments since 2011 but actively involved for more than 10 years, the Olympus Custom Guitars Workshop (OCGW) has conducted varied experiments on electric instruments, intent on exploring, developing and improving the quality and sound of our instruments.
These instruments are 100% Greek and use only local wood. Bridges, pick-ups and humbuckers are also all 100% locally handmade.
OCGW has a unique philosophy and specific, strict guidelines in the making of outstanding, handmade guitars. Adopting both classic and their own unique designs in various calibres, these handmade guitars use 80% homegrown wood from Mt. Olympus, home of the ‘Gods’. An alternative, completely handmade instrument, set in stone as “the Law of the Gods!”
Johnny Prapas is a 40 year old amateur musician, professional luthier who has been involved with music for over 23 years with a passion for playing both acoustic and electric guitars.
His involvement in the construction of electrical instruments started over 20 years ago under the guidance and close instruction of John Harrison Guitars of England. There, he was introduced to the secrets of acoustic guitar construction and subsequently to the mastering of both electric guitars and basses. After spending several years working closely with the renowned instructor and friend, a deep desire to create his own guitars grew and the dream of Oympus Custom Guitars was realized as was the establishment of his own treasured workshop.
The Olympus Custom Guitars Workshop (OCWG )is a small, self-contained workshop which currently  manufactures between 15 to 20 handmade electric musical instruments per year. This is personally done by Johnny Prapas , who selects, cuts and processes the wood into the precision instrument as a finished product.
 OCGW, is one which creates handmade guitars and basses from scratch and is based in Leptokaria (population 5,000) at the foothills of imposing Mt. Olypmus and its ‘resident 12 ancient Greek Gods’ – hence the name. 
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