Make your dream come true

Olympus Guitars are unique instruments. You know when you play one, that it is definitely more of a guitar filled with intangible, electrified elements which add a new dimension to your game experience. It’s like the instrument itself is imbued with the history of this magical mountain – Olympus the home of the twelve gods- alive with the spirit of the place where it was built, and the dedication of those who create.

For players who want to create  completely custom made musical instruments, suited to  their bodies and their action, whether  it is a  bass or guitar -you are equipped with the best materials in the market. We offer a unique experience through the hands of Greek luthier Johhny Prapas. Unique handmade pickups by Greek luthier, Nikos Asimenios (Nick Silver Pickups). Unique handmade bridges by Greek luthier, Haris Bakirtzidis (G.M.I).

In our workshop, the customer has the opportunity to acquire a unique musical instrument. A musical instrument, which will not be copied, a one and only in the world. It will be the embodiment of your own dreams.

  1. Custom Build: The basic prices of Custom Build, start from 2500 euro and the customer has specific options in its construction.
  2. MasterBuild: The basic prices of MasterBuild  start from 5500 euro and the  customer has infinite options to create his/her own dream guitar.

You  get  to choose your construction level and speak  with the builder personally.

The process is simple:

  • Choose your build level (Masterbuild or Custom-build)
  • Choose a base or unique model
  • Choose a scale of guitars or bass guitar
  • Choose your types of wood
  • Choose neck shape
  • Choose colors
  • Choose hardware, pickups, wiring, etc.

https://www.silverpickups.com/  http://stores.ebay.com/g-m-i-tools-parts

  • Choose TOP WOOD OPTIONS(Flat-Carved Top-Other)
  • Choose TOP WOOD MATERIAL(Olive wood figure-Black Walnut-Polplar Curl-Other)
  • Choose BODY BINDING (Top-Back-Top&Back)
  • Choose NECK MATERIAL(Plane-Walnut-Olive-Chestnut-Black chestnut-Wild berries-Multipli)
  • Choose FINGERBOARD MATERIAL(Black Walnut-Olive Tree-Plane Tree-Wild Berries-Other)
  • Choose NUMBER OF STRINGS(3-4-5-6-7)
  • Choose SCALE LENGTH(24-3/4Gibson-25-1/2Fender-25PRS-34Fender Bass-Other)
  • Choose NECK BINDING(Neck-Headstock-Neck&Headstock)
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